Important news: Last chance to order Destroyer

As you all know by now, Destroyer 10 was the last issue of Destroyer. About half of the pre-ordered copies of D10 were sent out today – the rest will be sent out tomorrow. I hope you will like them!

Then I will leave. Yes, your editor needs some vacation. And since I’m the only one running I Love Mags, where Destroyer is sold, that means the shop will be down while I’m gone. Which in turn means:

February 5, 2010, is the last day to order any issue of Destroyer!

At least if you want them delivered before my vacation, which might last for a couple of months, but maybe much, much longer.

Downloads will not be affected by my leave, since no physical delivery is involved.

6 thoughts on “Important news: Last chance to order Destroyer

  1. I just finished reading D10 and it was as good as I had hoped it would be; a very respectable completion with lots of juicy stuffing. I have much more to say, but it’s 5:39 so I have to put D10 in a plastic sleeve and go to bed.

  2. Sorry to hear that, Jose. I didn’t send it recommended this time, maybe that’s the reason. I’ll send it again, recommended, before I go on vacation!

  3. I receive it!

    Its amazing, unfortunaly i found out that my cover wasnt one of the best but besides that the last issue is now a leyend and a great treasure 😀

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