Too gay to be gay

This magazine has often remarked that the modern gay movement has shrunk the gay identity in order to make it easier for society to accept homosexuality. A brilliant example of how tight this straitjacket of an identity has become is provided by Abel Rodriguez:

Hundreds of members of the gay community are so upset with Adam Lambert’s sexually-charged gay orgy performance on the American Music Awards show that they want him banned from the gay community.

Mr Rodriguez reports that:

A spinoff group of GLAAD known as GLOCK or Gays and Lesbians Opposed to Constant Kissing stated that Lambert’s orgytorial performance set gay marriage back two years.

GLOCK spokesperson Bippy Bouquet said that watching Adam’s performance scared a lot of gay and lesbian couples who were going to tie the knot.

Read the whole story here.

Yes, it’s satire of course. But to be frank I didn’t realize that until the end (I found the article through Google News so I didn’t see the source immediately) – I even googled GLOCK. 😀 And that just shows how spot on this satire is.

One thought on “Too gay to be gay

  1. The so-called “Gay movement” has created a ghetto, and a barrier between “gays” and a lot of people who enjoy homosexuality, without feeling “gay”. It is turning the whole thing into commercial exploitation.When I was younger and homosexuality was looked upon with scorn, I could find partners everywhere in a minute,now, it seems all the “gays” are on TV and not cruising in the parks. People have to ring call-boys and pay! Disgusting,indeed.

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