7 thoughts on “A joker in the David poll!

  1. donatello is obviously the patron saint of DESTROYER, like the michelangelo is that of BUTT or maybe just the mainstream gay mags like Gaytimes.

  2. I agree, Erik. That’s why it’s so strange that Michelangelo leads with about half the votes – 43 votes compared with Donatello’s 26 (or 49/30 in percentage).

    To tell you the truth: I’M SHOCKED! Who are you people anyway?! Michelangelo, hellooo? Please enter the discussion, dear readers!

    And poor Verrocchio might soon be overtaken by Biebl and Gröszer!

    Or might it be that the visitors don’t look at the statues and the only name they recognize is Michelangelo?

  3. I too thought maybe people vote for Michelangelo because it’s the only name they recognise. But it doesn’t make any sense. Because both Michelangelo and Donatello were in Ninja Turtles.

  4. Michelangelo’s David is deliberately disproportionate – it is top-heavy to compensate for the fact it would be viewed from below, and the genetalia unrealistically small so as not to offend. Furthermore David, in the story of David and Goliath, is a boy defeating a giant. Michelangelo’s David is clearly a man, yet with a boy’s ‘manhood’. It is partly idealized, partly distorted.
    Donatello, on the other hand, portrays a genuine youth – with the proportions and youthful, willowy physique of a boy. He is slight, but smart. The Michelangelo David is in every way (but one) the giant, defeated in my opinion, by the lightweight Donatello.

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