Austin Butler shirtless

Teenage actor Austin Butler shirtlessAmerican teen actor Austin Butler is hot! Almost too hot – or were these pictures really shot after August 17th, 2009, when he turned 18? (Does anyone know where the pictures come from?)

Teenage actor Austin Butler shirtless

Teenage actor Austin Butler shirtless

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4 Responses

  1. LB says:

    I don’t know the source of the pictures, but hopefully that hottie will do a couple of nude scenes now!

  2. Karl says:

    I don’t agree – nudes are overrated!

  3. Karl says:

    Btw, this set is so unfair to the girl. She does her best in competing for the radiation of these photos – but in vain. She’s like the model next to Marlon Teixeira.

  4. Vera says:

    I got these photos from the photographer’s website. She has since removed them. Austin had one of them on his own website but it is no longer there either. When I posted these and others on my blog the readership went through the roof. In fact, my first two Austin posts are still vonaistantly the among the top five most visited pages on my blog.

    Incidentally, Austin was 16 when these photos were made. The girl was his girlfriend, but they have since breaken up.

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