Vote for the best Destroyer cover!

Covers of Destroyer Magazine

Which cover of Destroyer do you like most? Never mind if it’s the boy or the graphic design that does it for you, choose one favourite in the poll on the right, and feel free to comment on your choice in this post!

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11 Responses

  1. Josh~ says:

    I bet it will be D2 for most people and I guess that’s the reason why it sold so fast too.

    It’s a hard choice but I’d say D1 is my fave ’cause it looks like a glossy soft porn mag ^.^

  2. Josh says:

    D7 for the color contrasts and the cover boys’ nearly unreal beauty…

  3. kollio says:

    D9 for beautiful pecs!

  4. Karl says:

    Beautiful feedback so far for three different covers. I’d like to hear what’s so fantastic with the D2 cover from someone who voted that one.

    I’ll save my own vote and comment for later, in case they would bias the voting, but let me just say I’m not that surprised D5 didn’t get any votes so far!

  5. Josh~ says:

    I do like D5 actually, I guess it would be my third place if I’d had to rank all covers.

    As for D2: Told ya :p Speedo + decent colours even older folks can appreciate + a big, fat TEENBOYS headline. That’s my guess ^^,

  6. Stanislaus says:

    It´s hard to say – for me it´s either 01 or 07. If I would be nailed on it, I would opt for 07…

  7. I vote for D1 both for its elegance and simplicity and for the boy.

  8. Jonathan says:

    D1 of course. The most beautiful boy and black and white photography is just so awesome.

  9. Rimmer says:

    Now you should have a competition for the best *back* cover … 😉

  10. kinkynik says:

    Number 2 ‘cos boiz in red Speedos just float my boat !!

  11. Rich says:

    D7. I love Ilja. 🙂

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