Germans, sign the ePetition against web censorship

Zensur ist keine loesung

Germany’s family minister Ursula von der Leyen has fought fiercly to implement the same kind of “child porn” blocks on the Internet that have been in use in Sweden since 2005. But unlike in Sweden, the censorship plans have met a huge resistance in Germany. The critics warn that censorship is the wrong way to go, especially since no one will be allowed to check the list of censored sites, which will be maintained by the Federal Criminal Police Office, BKA.

The critics also emphasize how easy it is to circumvent the blocks, meaning those who want “child porn” will find it easier than ever (for example by following BKA’s list, which – like the lists in Scandinavia – will leak), whereas the blocks will let the ordinary netizen conveniently look away. They suggest that “child porn” sites should be taken off the net instead of just marked with a “stop” sign – löschen statt verstecken (remove instead of hiding).

Needless to say, “child porn” is just the noble cause that the politicians use to implement a smooth system to censor improper sites. Oscar Swartz has shown (in Swedish, but the pictures speak for themselves) how sites with bonsai trees ended up on the Swedish censor list. Also, The Pirate Bay ended up on the list once, but was removed after protests, as well as other non-cp sites.

Destroyer’s concern is not of the löschen statt verstecken kind. That slogan may make people believe that there is actually a lot of child porn around on the internet, which is not the case. (Or is it? Show us the säuglings, Ursula!) Instead, we are concerned that innocent content like that of our magazine might end up on the lists, since no one can check them, and since gay content has a tradition of being censored by the powers at be. A Finnish guy showed that less than one percent of the links on the Finnish censor list contained real cp. Whatever that meant, because how do you define child porn? That’s the given question to him, but even more so to the BKA and the politicians.

Anyway, if you live in Germany, I think you should take action against these measures by signing the ePetition at Deutscher Bundestag. It’s a bit complicated, because you have to register, but do take the time.

Read more at Netzpolitik.

5 thoughts on “Germans, sign the ePetition against web censorship

  1. I signed the petition already of course but besides that, I fear, there is not much we can do.

    With the elections coming this year Zensursula WILL get sure to get this law trough – all we can hope for is, once again, the constitutional court which proved to be on the right side (ours of course) in former cases. I don’t even want to think about the times when the government finally managed to replace the judges at the CC to get some people in there they can control *sigh*

    It’s amazing (for them) how they bombard us with so much shit (the BKA law which makes them a Gestapo, the “federal trojan”, fingerprints on the ID, fucked up health insurance, the data retention, new copyright laws, personal data exchange with privacy-third-world countries like the USA, video surveillance of homes and so on, and so fucking on) that we can’t even fight against all ’cause we just don’t have enough time.

    But still most people are dumb enough to vote for this idiots. They don’t even see how they get us all into the Third Reich again like not even Orwell could think of it.

    I know you’re less enthusiastic about Sweden then I am but at least you guys managed to make a party like the Pirates the 3rd largest of the country while Germans still live in fear of socialism and prefer to vote for Nazi Christians and Social Democratic betrayers.

  2. Oh, and: Yeah, I’m pretty sure sites like this or milkboys will get onto the list pretty soon, no matter how legal they are. All we can hope for is a leak of the list and some free promo from this ;o) (Another blog I have was on the Australian list by the way, I feel honoured)

  3. We don’t need laws and restrictions on what people can view on the web in the privacy of their own homes. Please fight the attempts to censor the internet.

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