New contact details

Dear readers,

the usual Destroyer e-mail addresses don’t work too well. Actually, they don’t work at all at times – e-mails get lost and I don’t get a notice about it.

Now I’ve learnt the hard way not to contact technical support; for some reason my magazine seems to freak out uneducated staff. That’s what happened at the payment solution Kagi, which happily sold Destroyer for the first year, but ousted me without warning when I contacted them in a technical matter.

So instead of complaining, I’ll simply stop using the old e-mail addresses. From now on, please contact me in all matters Destroyer on this address only:

destroyermag at gmail dot com

One single address! I’m not a big fan of Google, but I must admit I do love the GUI of Gmail.

I will continue reading the old addresses as well, but now you know how to reach me the best way.

So much text, so little news! Hope all is well with you!

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