The beauty of women and boys

Liebe Zuschauer,

tomorrow is the day! That’s when I’m going to the printing plant to pick up the new issue of Destroyer. Most orders will ship the same day, some the next – it depends on how long it takes at the printing plant.

You see, the magazine is printed, but not cut yet. I told them to wait for me, since I want to participate in the process to make sure it’s cut perfectly, which is not always the case (issue 3 and 7 were slightly miscut). It’s hard to be a perfectionist.

So… The envelopes are ready to be licked, the t-shirt winners are allotted, the destroymobile is waiting in the garage for another important assignment and I celebrate with a glass of red wine and some Gili & Galit. (He was only 12 and I was so envious of him, having three women around him like that!)

2 thoughts on “The beauty of women and boys

  1. Hi, I’m a fan of Destroyer Journal, your Destroyer Map, The Genesis Children and Rinrin. I used to run The King’s Art. Now my blogs include Legitimate Young Male Beauty (the website I put on this comment) and:

    Please check them out and tell me what you think.

    I’ll add links to Destroyer now. I’ll put Destroyer Map on my art site and Destroyer Journal on my other sites. Thanks!

    The Dancing King

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