6 thoughts on “Oops…!

  1. Well thanks for asking, honey! It was because I had misunderstood about the gold print. The price I had got was only valid if only the logotype was in gold (which was my original plan), and when I spread the gold all over the cover, the price tripled. So I went back to my original plan, quite simply. And to a better cover.

  2. Hehe, now you reminded me of Josh Wink and his wonderful classic Higher State of Conciousness, to which I danced a lot in the nineties… I think this version is from a Strictly Rhythm mix cd that I own, because it begins with the last sirens from Armand van Helden’s The Witch Doctor:

    Winx rules!

  3. the cover is kinda weird actually and yes the important is what is inside but sometimes…the cover help to sell your image XD sometimes ;P

  4. Yeah, even though I like it (obviously, since I made it), I suppose it could only go one way after the fantastic D7 cover.

    But you’ll like what’s inside, Jose, since YOU are one of the contributors! Some copies are on their way to you.

  5. Indeed i write here and email you and the next day Pum! the magazines are at my home…awsome and weird XD by the way i send 2 pics if you get i have 2 kinda colection for the next issues if you are interested ^^
    Talk by mail

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