Golden boys in Destroyer 08

The extra colour on the cover of Destroyer 08 is gold. Not gold as in Pantone gold, but as in dazzling gold! I’d like to get to know ya, so I can show ya! Expensive as hell to “print”, but what the hell – the cover boy simply wouldn’t settle for less. Gold is the material that best reflects the magic glow of his skin!

Destroyer 08 is available here.

3 thoughts on “Golden boys in Destroyer 08

  1. Hello, sorry to say; I havn’t been a subscriber yet. But I admire your work. So amazing! Some of the boys on your covers I’ve seen thru the years. Like the boy on #8 Seen him and his boddies at the docks. On a photo site. So nice. I was wondering if I may please have my coming of age movie blog add to your links section. My blog is a free access for all, coming of age movie blog. I have room for links to add for my visitors. So when I a clickable image of a destroyer mag, it will be driving traffic your way. Please reply & confirm a links exchange, so I my add it. Best regards – movie lad. Cheers 🙂

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