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Destroyer ships from Germany. On January 1st, 2009, Deutsche Post changed their rates in a way that I think most Destroyer readers will benefit from.

One copy of Destroyer weighs in at just under 100 gram. With the old tarifs, the postage for 100 gram was 2,00 euro within Europe. The next weight class of 500 gram was 4,50, which had the funny side effect that you earned 50 cent if you bought one copy twice instead of two copies together.

Now Deutsche Post has abolished the 100 gram weight class – you have to pay the 500 gram price already from 50 gram. In return, they lowered the 500 gram price considerately to 3,00 euro.

This means it’s become 50 percent more expensive to ship one copy of Destroyer within EU, but it’s become 33 percent cheaper to ship two or more copies, which is what most customers order. For US/worldwide orders, shipping of one magazine has increased with 20 percent, while shipping of two or more magazines has become 31 percent cheaper. (I used to add a handling fee on worldwide orders, which explains why shipping of one magazine didn’t go up as much as in Europe. I’ve taken away that fee now. It covered extra packaging measures.)

So despite the postage is still calculated by weight at, in practice we do have a flat rate of 3,00 euro within EU and 6,00 euro worldwide. See how neat it looks in this table:

Quantity Old rate Europe New rate Europe Old rate worldwide New rate worldwide
1 mag 2,00 euro 3,00 euro 5,00 euro 6,00 euro
2 mags 4,50 euro 3,00 euro 8,50 euro 6,00 euro
3 mags 4,50 euro 3,00 euro 8,50 euro 6,00 euro
4 mags 4,50 euro 3,00 euro 8,50 euro 6,00 euro
5 mags 4,50 euro 3,00 euro 8,50 euro 6,00 euro
6 mags 4,50 euro 3,00 euro 8,50 euro 6,00 euro

Please note that what you pay for shipping is the value of the stamps only – we don’t add any extra charge upon that. When we’re at it, this is how Destroyer is packaged:

  • When you buy one copy of Destroyer, it ships in a brown envelope of high quality.
  • When you buy more than one copy of Destroyer, they ship in a hard cardboard envelope.
  • When you buy five copies or more, they ship in a waterproof plastic envelope.

Your address is always written by hand on the envelope. Within Europe we use a label with I Love Mags’ logotype – if you don’t want it, you can write “discreet” in the comment field when buying Destroyer. On orders overseas we don’t use the logotype. Instead, we use a private sender address.

So, this was with all certainty more than you ever wanted to know about Destroyer logistics. I guess I’m just happy to be back. 🙂

PS: This is where you can buy Destroyer.

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