First redesign – what do you think?

For the first time since the launch in February, I’ve redesigned the Destroyer blog. (The above picture is what it looked like before.) I started developing an old theme at 14:23 yesterday, and well, now I’m done – with a freshly updated WordPress 2.6.2 as well. 🙂

A few things that I wanted to change:

  • Since I’m so proud of my magazines, I wanted them to be visible already in the header. I think they look so good together.
  • I wanted 2 sidebars.
  • I wanted the texts about me and about ordering Destroyer to be more serious and more personal at the same time.
  • I didn’t want the blog to look like WordPress’ default theme. 😉

There’s still much to do and some pages to write, but this will do for the time being. I mean, I did have a lot to do today, other stuff I mean, and then I just got stuck infront of the screen…

A note about images

The new theme didn’t resize images automatically, and I didn’t find any way through that. Previously, images have been bigger than they appear. WordPress has automatically downsized their display to 450 pixels, but when you click on them, they are often 800 or 1200 pixels wide. Now I’ve had to resize all those big images, meaning you can’t view them bigger anymore even if you click on them. I would have to have done this sooner or later anyway since I keep exceeding my traffic limit after I wrote about… There are plenty of homeless netizens out there as a result of the shutdown.

Anyway, this is it. Tell me what you think about the new design by voting or commenting. If you care at all, that is. 😀

13 thoughts on “First redesign – what do you think?

  1. The design looks way more professional but you should change the font in your posts if you ask me. It’s a bit hard to read with the serifs.

  2. Not sure about the hazy blue and the bland yellow in the heading – I preferred the confident pink. But the line of mags looks great, and the double side-column works too.

    Main suggestion: the BUY buttons need to be bigger and more prominent, on the front page and on the separate magazine preview pages. It still looks more like a boyblog with ads to ignore than the home page of a magazine!

    – R

  3. Josh and Rimmer, you are both right on the spot – thanks for pointing out what I missed!

    The logo and the magazine take out each other, so the logo has to go eventually. I’ll probably make something black and small.

    About the bland yellow – I know, Rimmer!!! But I like bland yellow. Will see what happens when I spice it up with a fat pink buy now button. 🙂

  4. My gosh, the font size in the comments is so small, it hurts my eyes xD

    What I always wanted here: A list with recent comments. There is enough space in the first sidebar and it would be easier to follow a discussion in case a reader didn’t subscribe to the RSS feed for comments.

    And the logo… is pretty neat. Reminds me of this one: — but yeah, it might be somehow misplaced there.

  5. some of the above r right ,at least I think.
    Yes, the comments r ridiculously small and too lightgrey and the headr is out of bounds in the neoncolour it is, compared to the more sophisticated stylo of the lettertype and all so change the headercolours, but hey Who cares really its about the boys!!So keep it up.greetz from the netherlands.check out mu bloggie in a free moment …

  6. Thanks for the input, Koenski. I didn’t quite get this:

    “the headr is out of bounds in the neoncolour it is, compared to the more sophisticated stylo of the lettertype and all so change the headercolours”

    Did you refer to the bright colors of the covers? Cause it was the old header (displayed in the picture) that had bright neon. Doesn’t matter though, I will change it anyway to a sans serif soon!

  7. Well done!

    Just a few tweaks such as Josh advised, and it’s done. I’m glad you still have idealism about your work.

    You are an inspiration to me, and other artists out in the world.


  8. Hey Karl,

    Now that you are putting all your creativity into the blog, your main URL looks very tired and neglected and out of date, with lots of tired-looking out-of-date pages linked from a line of link along the top. Do you have the confidence yet to bring all traffic and links straight to the blog?

    And … what’s with the scary faces next to blog comments?! If you have to use random illustrations, make them either abstract or attractive! This set is gross!


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