Russian police raid gay club in St. Petersburg

As part of a murder investigation, Russian police raided the St. Petersburg gay club Central Station, reports The St. Petersburg Times. All clubbers were driven by bus to a police station to be interrogated.

It’s always hard to argue what’s necessary measures and what’s pure harrassment, if the imprisonment of a murderer is at stake. However, this witness’ report makes it easier:

They asked who is gay and who is straight. Two said they were straight and were allowed to leave.

The magazine continues:

The police were abusive and threatening, picking out people with dyed hair or piercings and using offensive, homophobic insults, the witness said. At one point they asked the group which among them were “tops” or “bottoms.”

Oh, well then. Guess they gonna catch the murderer pretty soon.

2 thoughts on “Russian police raid gay club in St. Petersburg

  1. The police do not ever have anything to do. They cannot prevent nor solve crimes and that was not ever their function: rather it always was to enforce public orderlyness. By way of a lack of regular honest function become public bullies.

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