Poll: Do you want a reprint of D2?

After numerous requests, I’ve started thinking seriously about making a reprint of the second issue of Destroyer, or parts of it. Do you think it’s a good idea? Reply in the comments and vote in the poll to the right (if you don’t see the sidebar, go to the main page).

Those of you who managed to buy D2 before it was sold out need not worry that your copies will lose their worth (there is one, you know), since the second printing would be clearly marked as a reprint.

Here is an overview of the contents of Destroyer 02.

13 thoughts on “Poll: Do you want a reprint of D2?

  1. Where is the boy on the cover fo the magazine from? I know a boy who looks very very similar, but I want know for sure.

  2. Personally I would love a reprint of the second issue…I mean, with or without it my collection will be incomplete. Perhaps a download pdf file? Though I’d rather have a print magazine…

  3. Yes! Please reprint D2! I have all the others, and have read them cover to cover. It’s an important publication to me, so it’s bothersome to have one issue missing!

  4. Please do re-print this issue. I haven’t got my first issue yet, but I would buy this one first if I could. Maybe I can get it later if you decide to re-print it. I know it would be one of my favorite issues. And I also think that a collection of this magazine wouldn’t be complete without this issue. So please give it some thought.

    Thank you for asking,

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