Pat Mastroianni in Degrassi Junior High

Remember Degrassi?

Joey Jeremiah, played by Pat Mastroianni, was the wild heartbreaker of the school. He was smashing even in Hawaii shirts.

I have a picture stuck in my mind since I was 14. One of Joey’s pranks has backfired and he’s in the nude, covering his crotch with his hat. Damn! That picture made stronger impact even than seeing a shirtless Brian Austin Green in Beverly Hills 90210 a couple of years later.

Do you know which episode or at least which season it was? I wouldn’t wanna buy all five of them (let alone watch them) for a few minutes of nostalgia.

11 thoughts on “Pat Mastroianni in Degrassi Junior High

  1. Wow, can’t believe someone would actually have the answer to that! Thanks a lot, John! The series is for sale at Amazon, but it seems S4 is available only together with the other seasons. So we’ll see just how serious my obsession is … 🙂

  2. Actually it is in a two-part episode from Season 5 called Bad Blood. I believe it is in Part 1. Joey is trying to raise money to buy a car by winning a bet to streak the cafeteria.

  3. That’s interesting. What do you say to that, John? Maybe there are two episodes in which Joey appears half-naked? Do you have this episode, Christoph?

  4. What a weird coincidence, I just watched that very episode last night. It is indeed from episode 1 of Degrassi High season 2 (so that would be the fifth season of the show since there were three seasons of DJH). It’s a two-part episode but the scene you’re referring to is towards the end of part 1.

  5. Jesus, how did you all find your way to this blog entry? Lovely. Yeah, I remember the series changed name as the characters grew older. If you have the episode, please contact me, Robin! Thanks a lot for the info, all of you!

  6. But wait a minute. I just checked out the two seasons of Degrassi High (meaning S4 and S5 of DJH) on Amazon, where it’s pretty affordable. But look at the cover:

    That ain’t my boy! Or is it? Maybe I’m better off not watching this memorable moment again…

  7. I just finished watching all the Degrassi’s (again) yesterday. Yes, that episode was Bad Blood. Also, if you buy the Degrassi High set, you get School’s Out! That movie they did to wrap it all up… Remember Claude (pronounced, CLODE)? too funny.

  8. i remember pat on degrassi jr. high.. he was sooo hott.. i don’t really remember the high school years, but those tight jeans he wore in the jr. high years really got me going..

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