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In the leader in Destroyer 05, I wrote about the importance of fantasies and the danger of making them illegal. I also wrote that the Japanese are the masters of extreme fantasies – exploring sex, violence and murder in manga and anime, but still maintaining one of the lowest criminality rates on earth in reality. Reality and fantasy – two entirely different realms.

Here is the latest hilarious Japanese fantasy gone over the top: The Cannibal Banquet!

Gotta love the Japanese. Especially the fact that they have censored the fake vagina! 😀

And remember, at the same time that Japanese youth are drooling over a fake kidney, their homicide rate lingers between 0,50 and 1,10 killed persons per 100 000 inhabitants. As a comparison, the same numbers are 0,98 in Germany, 2,03 in the UK, 2,39 in Sweden (!) and 5,7 in the USA. (According to Wikipedia.)

2 thoughts on “Japanese fantasies

  1. Well as you say the Japanese allow Freedom of Thought or Fantasy. So almost no one gets shot or stabbed over there. In the U.S.A. everything is illegal, so we have a body count equivalent to medium size war.

    Fact,..in 1993 over 3000 human beings were shot, stabbed, or otherwise butchered in New York City. This doesn’t count the wounded. If it did triple that casualty number.

    Btw 1993 was also the height of the American sex scandal panic.

    Clearly if you let people dream thier deepest fantasies via porn or theatre the streets might be somewhat safer.

    Also in America’s case it would help if we did something to help our 50,000,000+ poor.

  2. I do not believe the murder statistics are even barely relevant. The social dynamics are different for every country. Consider that mass murder by way of genocide and war and starving economics is not considered a crime nor considered a relevant part of any crime statistic. Hence, for example, the Japanese do not consider their treatment of Koreans as a relevant part of Japanese crime. I also should say I consider the fun of these Japanese fantasies reminds me of Halloween aound the US corner of holidays.

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