Saggy jeans law ruled unconstitutional

Last summer, a Florida teenager was arrested and had to spend a night in jail because his jeans were saggy enough to expose 10 cm of his boxers. He risked fines or jail for “indecent exposure”. Seems I’m not the only one obsessed with the in-your-face beauty of sexy skater boys…

Now a judge has decided that the law is unconstitutional, reports BBC today.

Picture from Saggers España.

2 thoughts on “Saggy jeans law ruled unconstitutional

  1. Wow! I never knew it was so political. I am aware of feelings people have when a butt is so shown and some of the feelings are violent. I am excited except if it, well, isn’t exciting: not all equally exposed butts are the same. Why it is done is beyond me. Do they ban speedos in public if a guy were to be so so? Yes, I think so unless it is an advertisement.

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