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For the ninth year in a row, the internet magazine Politics Online will select the The Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics.

Or rather, you will select them, choosing from the 25 finalists on their site. It’s a diverse crowd, stretching from world celebrities like Barack Obama to less famous ones.

One of the less famous, at least internationally, is the Swedish economist and critical blogger Oscar Swartz. Mainly through his blog, he’s been one of the driving forces behind the “blog quake” that made the proposal and subsequent passing of a new surveillance law the most discussed political issue in a long time in Sweden. The government tried the whole summer to suppress the widespread resistance against the law, but it seems now it might be repealed, and when or if that happens, Oscar’s non-profit work will have contributed immensily.

Oscar has always been a strong defender of integrity and a critic of too much state intervention, not the least in the debate about filesharing and The Pirate Bay. He founded Sweden’s first ISP Bahnhof in 1994, which is still the only ISP in Sweden which markets it services with arguments about integrity.

Furthermore, I enjoy the privilege of being Oscar’s friend. 🙂

Vote for him here!

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