Tony Duvert is dead

French writer Tony Duvert (1945-2008) was found dead in his home on Wednesday, August 20, reports Le Monde today. An investigation suggests he died from natural reasons.

An advocate of adolescents’ and even children’s rights to sex, Duvert can be seen as a symbol for the sexually liberal seventies.

6 thoughts on “Tony Duvert is dead

  1. This comes as a great shock to me.
    I am left speechless with this news.

    I wonder how many young people have heard of him or read him?

  2. i have heard of him in the eighties, never read his books, but in the which hunts held against our Church one felt that he out of all coul dhave stood up and made a stance. He never did, he was not a Passolini or a Brongersma

  3. He was a great writer and advocate of gay rights. GAY LITERATURE is, however, progressing a lot… in all languages. I just read, in Spanish, a very interesting and illustrating “testimonial novel”. Its title is YAGRUMA: AMORES PROHIBIDOS EN EPOCAS DE TIRANIA by Francisco Calderon Vallejo. In 854 pages, Calderon Vallejo tells us what it means to be born and live in a homophobic country… in this case Cuba… knowing from his very childhood that he is “different”. I highly recommend this book to all sensitive readers of gay literature. Duvert has died, but new authors that are exploring gay literature in a very successful way are leaving their mark. Calderon Vallejo is one of them. The ISBN for YAGRUMA is 978-0-939193-141. You can buy it through AMAZON or BARNES & NOBLE. Thank you.

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