Gay memorial in Berlin vandalised

The memorial of homosexuals persecuted in the Nazi era was vandalised tonight.

The memorial consists of a heavy piece of concrete with a monitor showing a film of two men kissing. Someone had crushed the monitor.

The next day, a sign informed the visitors that the film wasn’t showing correctly due to a “technical problem”. The message was signed by Stiftung Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas, the administration of the big Holocaust Memorial. That memorial was supposed to cover all groups murdered by the Nazis, but after protests it was decided it would only commemorate Jewish victims. That’s why the gays got their own memorial on the other side of the street, half covered by the bushes of Tiergarten (quite fitting I must admit) and apparently out of sight from the police officers who watch the Jews’ memorial 24/7.

I’m often critical of the gay movement and to the very idea of sexual identities. But I think it’s important to react against vile actions towards a certain group. The vandalising of the gay memorial is proof of its brilliant execution – two men kissing may be seen as lame by some, but is apparently enough to provoke violence.

Out of order.

Close-up on the technical problem.

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  1. Michael, I must “disappoint” you, in a good way: All mainstream media have reported on the incident. That’s how I found out! 😉

  2. I was in Berlin in July, pretty much a month ago, so its almost surreal that this was vandalized, eeing how I saw it only a short while ago. Tours tend to only visit the other holocaust memorial (which they call the “new holocaust memorial”, even though this memorial is actually newer) which I think is horrible because it avoids the acknowlegement of another slaughter commited by the Nazis, against a group of people still facing persecution, and even execution, worldwide.

    Not only the memorial hidden, unguarded (unlike the major holocaust memorial), and ignored, it is now vandalized.

    Its bad enough the german children are allowed to run and play amongst the concrete blocks of the major Holocaust memorial (probably forgetting the fact it was likely that it was their grandparents/relatives who were responsible for the Holocaust in the first place). Now they get to make a mockery of a portion of the Holocaust that is so unjustly ignored by biased historians the world over. Everyone can tell you what a yellow star represents, but hardly anyone outside of the gay community can tell you what a pink triangle represents.

    If someone were to vandalize the large Holocaust memorial, it would be a major story, and not merely presented as “technical difficulties.”

    I saw that video in person, and to be terribly honest, it was beautiful. It showed the love that two men can have for one another, and shows that gays aren’t the evil, satanic, disgusting terrors that they are often presented as in mainstream media.

    But apparently no matter how much you publically humanize an often-persecuted group of people, inhuman monsters apparently see no harm in abusing them.

  3. I have never been to Berlin, which is something I intend to rectify, so I have never been to the monument… but that is not something I intend doing anything about. I don’t feel that monument has anything to do with me, nor do I have any interest in the history, unlike, for example, the statue of Alan Turing in the gay village in Manchester. So I find the fact that it has been vandalised much more intersting than the monument itself.

    Every age picks its own victims. I am currently reading a book on Byron (“Byron and Greek Love”) which details the homophobia of 19th century England (and Europe too!) and, while today we are less brutal, we are much the same. These days we save our outrage for paedophiles, and our treatment of them is much the same as that suffered by 19th century English homosexuals. Every year the law gets harsher but it just seems to drive the public to want more. To the extent that I can gather, Byron is these days classed as a “bi man” by the historians of “gay culture”. These days I think the general public would count him as a “paedophile”. I watched a video of the Irish comedian Dara O’Briain over the weekend. He mentioned that he had made a joke concerning Elton John and Billy Elliot which brought the wrath of Outrage down upon him. Seems like even a “gay rights” organisation like Outrage is happy to use the public phobia of “paedophilia” to get its own way.

    For me, the “gay” monument is not a monument to gays, but a monument to human cruelty. The vandalism reminds us that it is alive and well and simmering on nicely. After all, we all have favoured “inhuman monsters” that we want to exterminate

  4. Karl: “I’m often critical of the gay movement and to the very idea of sexual identities.”

    Mark: “For me, the ‘gay’ monument is not a monument to gays, but a monument to human cruelty.”

    I agree with both these sentiments.

    The monument is to those branded by the Nazis with the pink triangle.

    Whether that has anything to do with me, or you, or Destroyer readers, or modern gay culture, is irrelevant.

    A pink triangle would be a more accurate symbol than the video. The video captures only a tiny part of what the Nazis were persecuting with the pink triangle. In particular the video neatly avoids the various loves and expressions of sexuality that are still persecuted, but which came under the original Nazi pink triangle in its day, and were ‘punished’ by the Nazis in ways that were and are utterly unacceptable. All those branded with the pink triangle deserve a memorial – not just two men who kissed.

  5. Truly shocking homophobia at Ray’s UK Times Newspaper link. I paste them here in case they get removed. (Or maybe we just laugh at these sad ignorant people with their pathetic narrow lives.)

    Maybe people are just getting fed up that the obsession politicians have for homosexuality, & trying to convince everyone its natural is now going too far.
    If your gay fine, but stop making out its natural, & stop trying to keep it high profile by forcing it on the public all the bloody time!
    – Pete, St Albans, England

    Destruction of someone else’s property, even if public, must not be tolerated. Having said this, perhaps the vandals were objecting to the grey cube. A pink backside would have been more appropriate.
    – Peter Cressall, La Lucila, Argentina

    Did those who erected this monument ask the community whether they wanted it? Or did they merely threaten them with demonisation unless they kept quiet? If the latter, well done the vandals for showing that they are free men.
    – Roger Pearse, Ipswich,

    Ah yes! Free men! Free to reintroduce the pink triangle tatoo! Free to smash unwanted monuments! Free to send undesirables to work camps! Work will make you free! (etc etc etc)

  6. I reacted the same way, Rimmer. Most shocking though, is that the comments were signed with name and town. Like, what universe is that? Many people might have the same view in Sweden (like everywhere), but they know being proud of it would make them laughable.

  7. I for got to add that the comments made about this article made me feel sick. And I thought the UK had progressed out of the dark ages but, “Theres nowt as QUEER as folk” as they say.

  8. First mistake, a seperate memorial for Gay vs. the Jewish people who feel victim to the Holocaust at the hands of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

    2nd mistake, installing a monitor projecting two men kissing (a sex act should not be the definitive message of the monument) and then placing that memorial out of sight of those on watch over the Jewish memorial. In blind sight it give opportunity for hatered to perpetually region in the form of vandalism and destruction.

    By separating victim’s by obvious class standards, apparently, being 2nd class citizens is the Jewish claim, and 3rd class citizens is the Gay stigma. The murdered Homosexuals are not even equal to the murdered Jews in the Holocaust; but set aside and discarded in shame by the Jews.

    This in itself is discrimination. Quite the epitaph for a religion, a country and an ideology that is still alive and well in a Nazi Germany.

    Shame on the Jews for placing their grief, feelings of loss, and personal need to be remembered, as more important then those of the families of the murdered homosexuals. Thats right, all homosexuals have families left behind that felt the same loss as the Jewish families.

    Equality is only a word if it is not practiced. Sad to say that even by those who know the reality of its denial still feed the monsters called of discrimination and inequality in an effort to elevate their own self-worth – sounds tantamount to Nazism.

    It’s purely a shame to know that a monument can not only memorialize one victim, but demonize another victim of the identical tragedy…it is our reality and our shame.

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