Marlon Teixeira

Marlon Teixeira is one of the hottest young stars in modelling I’ve seen for a long time. He’s 16 and from Brazil.

I actually think the color photo of him is more compelling than the black and white Armani ad below. A natural beauty like Marlon Teixeira doesn’t need the grooming and styling of the fashion world. Because he IS fashion the minute he wakes up and gets out of bed. (Oh yes, I’m a romantic.) In the color photo, he has a boyish geist that isn’t as strong in the ad (but still stronger than in most models).

Edit: I can’t let go of the first of the black and white pictures. What a gaze! What a presence! What a total domination of the picture! I doubt I have seen anything like it before. Talk about knowing his powers. I almost feel sad for the other model in the picture. (Understatement.)

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