Early footage of Bad Boy Ton

Bad Boy Ton - Ton is Bad

Young gay porn star Ton of the site Bad Boy Ton and the movie Russians in Prague is one of my favorite twink porn actors. That’s why I published photos of him in D1 and D2. Through a friend I have got hold of these shots of a young Ton, somewhere in his teens, before his career in boy porn took off. They are shots from a private video which I haven’t seen, so if you know how to get it, please write a comment!

Bad Boy Ton - Ton is Bad

Bad Boy Ton - Ton is Bad

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13 Responses

  1. BR♂TH♀R_S♥RR♥W says:

    Duh-me maybe but I have never heard of him. I must have heard of him … maybe I simply didn’t take to him. Now: I just did take. Well, thanks for the photos !

  2. Foxx says:

    I’ve seen Ton on the net.Wow,he’s cute on these photos 😀 Are there some more?Bye bye teenboy lovers 😀

  3. William says:

    Wanna exchange links?

    We’ve got our own magazine as well: “BAMBI” 😉


  4. condro says:

    I have seen “Russian in Prague”. Ton is totally HOT !!!!

  5. umut says:

    I love you tons too sweet:)

  6. Sunrise says:

    Does anybody know where can i get or watch ‘Russians in Prague’ ?
    He is so cute…
    please email me.

  7. Shawn Johnson says:

    Do you know what he is doing these days…and what’s up with his site?

  8. carla gatonegro says:

    its a dream toi be abused by Ton

  9. Tony says:

    I have some photos of himthat must be 8 – 10 years old. These show a much more “innocent” ton just in simple solo poses. I have been curious about his biography and such for years.

    • Angelo says:

      I love Ton I have something about him that has remained in my heartand.
      I am curious to have news about him, the actual age and what to do in life, the maximum would have a picture of him today if someone contacts me for news!!! many thanks

  10. Martin says:

    I had some videos of him, but bad luck HD. Crashed.

  11. Jason says:

    I love Ton!! I started watching him almost a decade ago when he was with Gladirex, and now he is currently doing scat/piss/BDSM videos for Fetishezzo, which appear to be his preferred realm. He’s one of my favorite pornstars out there, but like others have said I am frustrated by the lack of biographical information about him, and his early stuff like the video screenshots in this article is damn near impossible to find now. Please let me and other twinkboy fans out there know if you have anything pre-Gladirex of his!

  12. Martin les says:

    Can I have bad boy ton,d biography.

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