Destroyer 07 out now!

Smash! Destroyer’s summer issue ships on Wednesday – and you can order it now!

Destroyer 07 contains:

  • A French Legend. 10-page interview with Bernard Alapetite, publisher of the legendary magazine Beach Boy, along with plenty of photos.
  • Vintage Pride. Feature on vintage gay magazines. You’ll be amazed by the diversity and pride the gay press showed in the sixties and seventies.
  • Chennai Boys. Photo reportage from India by Francis Cardinal.
  • Something Unspoken. The art of Peter Schweizer and Erik Visser.
  • Black Sea Beauty. Photo reportage featuring a young demigod.
  • Interview with Milkboys-Josh and column by Inkplum-Sid.
  • Black Sea Beauty. Photo reportage featuring a young demigod.
  • Plus reader letters, Obsession, book and film reviews – and a special print effect for no other reason than to spread some extra happiness to you, my readers!


18 thoughts on “Destroyer 07 out now!

  1. Yay, I’m so~ excited :o)

    And I’m reading the blog of Bernard Alapetite since a while but had no idea he was the editor of Beach Boy…

    Inkplum will be back very soon by the way 🙂

  2. No, Paypal is not an option anymore. But I Love Mags shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have Visa or Master Card. I’ll send you an e-mail!

  3. I couldn’t order it yesterday as well, but today it worked just fine, so maybe you should try again.

    (my favourite coverboy so far, can’t wait to see the whole 8 pages of him)

  4. HIya

    Current times being what they are, I don’t know anyone who is prepared to receive your excellent and gorgeous magazine by post. I live in Thailand where naked pictures of anyone are technically illegal. If I could subscribe, receive and read your wonderful magazine online, esp in there were no pictures of underage people erect, or in sexually explicit situations (as there havent been recently in the copies I have bought it stores in A’dam), I would definitely be a customer.

    Please keep up great work.

  5. Hey folks, please update the link to my blog that you so kindly posted on this page. I’ve had to move the blog… well its all on the blog to read… Cheers and love… Tristan

  6. Peter, there have *never* been any pictures of “underage people erect” in Destroyer. Only 2 issues have sported erections at all: Issue 1 (the 18+ guys) and issue 3 (from a famous photo book by Larry Clark).

    There is occasional nudity in Destroyer, but the last time that occurred was in the photo book reviews in D5. Both D6 and D7 are totally safe in that aspect – they don’t contain any nudity at all!

  7. Hej!

    Skulle det gå att lösa en beställning även om man inte har Visa eller Mastercard.
    Finns det t ex inget kontonummer som man skulle kunna betala in till?

  8. Just got D7. Looks great. I will be reading it during the day. I flicked through it and noticed a positive mention of James Davidson’s “The Greeks And Greek Love”. I was a little surprised by your positive tone. I saw the book in a bookstore and, from a quick scan, came to the opinion that Davidson’s “Radical Reappraisal of Homosexuality In Ancient Greece” was radical only in reappraising (or just raising) the age of the “adolescent” lovers to 18+. His evidence for doing so appears to be scant, being based on the descending age of puberty in modern times, and I think his logic is faulty. It doesn’t seem a very Destroyer-friendly book, but maybe I have misunderstood one or the other.

  9. Mark, very interesting notion. Keep in mind that the text in Destroyer was no more than a mention – under the headline what I’m reading right now (I’m not such a speed reader as you seem to be!). The full review might come later, and if so, probably with the same critic as you have, since I doubt I would come to any other conclusion.

    Streetlads and others with credit card problems: Destroyer’s payment solution is provided by Sweden’s biggest payment service provider for Visa/Mastercard. The customer is sent to their (secure) site when making the payment, so there is unfortunately nothing I can do to help you further here. It seems to work for most people though, so please try again.

  10. Got it today and read it as soon (maybe ‘read’ is not the right word for some of the pages : ‘gawk in complete awe’ would be more exact. I had stumbled on Gabriel’s pics on the net, but to contemplate them printed is an uncomparable experience -and that’s one of the reasons Destroyer is needed)

    I appreciate your will to put Destroyer back in the history of gay magazines. I say ‘back’ because of all the people who want to have it ‘out’ of it, and have almost succeeded in rewriting their own history.

    I was a bit disappointed by Alapetite’s interview as he looked like eluding some questions, while contacts between far-right and pederasty have been used often to demonize each other. The boy from a Front National demo shows how intimate both asepcts can be intertwined though.
    That made me think that maybe politics and their links with pederasty should be an issue to address more specifically in the future.

  11. Hi Karl and everyone !

    Wow, I would have so many things to say if I could ! Some weeks ago I discovered Milkboys, this very intersting and smashing blog… and thanks to it, I finally discovered Destroyer ! When I saw the cover and the issue 07, I don’t hesitate : it was just my birthday and I decided to make myself a wonderful gift, buying all the issues :-). Thanks to “I Love Mag”, it’s very simple.

    And then, I have read, read, read… and naturally enjoy the marvellous, both artistic and hot, pictures, enjoyed design, ideas, humour, audacity, tributes to the past, radical but fair criticisms…

    I would like to speak more in detail about that and that but… I really feel overwhelmed, in a very delightful way, for sure ;-).

    Many people have soon said it to you, Karl, and a far better way than I could do (english is not my native language and I’m from a country where people are very bad at foreign languages – it’s such a pity !! ), but, just in two words : thank you !!!! And three more : please, keep on :o))) !

    Thanks to Destroyer, my “treasures’ hunt” is not finished yet. I have discovered many artists, or movies, or books or websites which deserve a lot to be known and appreciated or even loved. So… a lot of things to do, just waiting the next issue of Destroyer :-). (by the way, if someone knows how to get an acces to the “password protected” pictures on Rinrin archives, I would be so grateful if you could help me, because I’ve tried several ways, no succes ! 😉

    Karl, you really contribute to make me happy and proud to be what I am, to love what I love.

    And… thank you (again !) for your personnal gift I received with the Destroyer issues ; it was very kind and I was very touching :-).

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