Destroyer available at

As of today Destroyer is available at!

You can pay with credit card (Visa or Master Card) and the magazines ship immediately upon payment.

I Love Mags will from now on be the only way to order Destroyer.

I wish you happy shopping and would also like to thank everyone who used to pay through bank transfer or by sending cash to the post box – and those of you who paid through one of the many payment solutions used since the start in 2006. Those days are now just a nostalgic memory!

Update 2015

Cmykrush logo

Things keep changing. As of February 2015 you can buy all Destroyer issues as downloads, and almost all of them as paper magazines, at the print lovers at Cmykrush:

Go directly to Destroyer’s page at Cmykrush!

And yes, you can pay with credit card!

6 thoughts on “Destroyer available at

  1. Yay, finally a resilient & simple way to ship the babies. Linked it 😀

    They just need a RSS Feed or something to let people know when they got new issues in stock.

  2. hey karl, while you’re at it, can you please change the petit paradis link on your page? the klare-lijn blogspot has changed to

    no rush,


  3. ilovemags … way cool. Is it you? I see that it’s 25% VAT on everything, based in Sweden. VAT on magazines is zero in the UK, or else magazines are exempt from VAT in the UK, which i know is legally different but I’m not entirely sure how … anyway, it might be a way to save several euros per sale if you can investigate and work something out. Great to see you active online again. – R.

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