Weekend fun – sneak peek of Destroyer 06!

Dear hooligans! Here’s a little preview of Destroyer 06, best enjoyed with a handful of wild Ride On Time remixes! The magazine will be shipped next Friday (7th March 2008) to everyone who has ordered. (Order Destroyer here.) I wish you all a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Weekend fun – sneak peek of Destroyer 06!

  1. D6 is fantastic.

    The glossy photoshoot and interview with 14yo cover boy Marc André runs to ten whole pages inside (worth every pixel).

    Francis Cardinal fills eight superb pages with images of teenage Mali (Africa) in stylish non-digital black and white in a photoset created specially for Destroyer.

    Amazing Berlin artist Georg Weise captures all the complexity of humanity in the painted image of the wistful boy across six glossy pages including the centre spread.

    There are six pages of interview and naked-angel artwork from New York artist Sidney Smith (better known online as inkplum).

    A follow-up to D5’s piece about Gisberta reveals all about our esteemed editor’s arrest during the … erm … ’street artwork’ phase of creating that piece for D5, and provides a handy template so that readers can join in the project … legally, of course.

    There are three more superb moody full-page portrait photographs – one in a feature on boxing, plus the back cover and inside back cover.

    Just add the usual collection of fun and Karl’s uniquely anarchic (anarchy with a purpose) spirit, and D6 is the best 52-page glossy you’re going to find this year by light years … with the possible exception of D7, D8, D9…

    Front cover: http://www.destroyerjournal.com
    p2 Contents page: it’s that Marc André again
    p3 Editorial from the esteemed Karl, and our editor welcoming the spring
    p4 The Destroyer agenda changing the gay press (almost), and reaching academia…
    p5 Letters to the Editor – from the sublime to the hilarious
    p6-p8 Obsession: the regular illustrated roundup of the boy news and the boys holding our editor enchanted
    p9 … er … wass that for, Karl? eh? hmm.
    p10-p17 Francis Cardinal
    p18-p21 Gisberta
    p22-p27 Georg Weise
    p28-p37 Marc André, photographs by Ulrich Tiele
    p29-p43 Sidney Smith
    p44-p45 Boxers
    p46 oh yes … oh yes … oh yes … (gasp) … our editor, *very* shirtless, could be speedo, with a giant inflatable, on the beach? … at age *fourteen* … with a report on responses to the Aaron Carter Shirtless feature in D1 and a very special invitation…
    p47-p49 glossy ads (yet more Marc André…)
    p50 Fiction by guest author Bo I. Cavefors
    p51-p52 Back cover full page photo portraits


    Buy buy buy: http://www.destroyerjournal.com

    – Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Destroyer magazine wrote on itself that it would change my life. It changed my life and made me cry. It made me cry first. Then it changed my life. I thought I was sophisticared. I was humbled and made to cry again at the realization at the discovery that I was not.

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