Cover of Destroyer 06


Ships on March 7th, 2008 (order it here).

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12 Responses

  1. Josh~ says:

    Like I said: the best cover ever! 😀 And cool to seee Sidney on it too ^__^

  2. kollio says:

    looking good!
    I’ll have to get it just to find out who this Marc André is…

  3. James says:

    I agree, this is the best cover so far… and I thought that #3 and #4 couldn’t be topped.

  4. topher says:

    Have you considered offering an online download PDF version of your MAgazine. Since you are upload ing the digital files to the printer tells me you could do it and a lower res version for downloading. It would reach a greater audience and provide you immediate funds. Just a thought.

  5. Karl says:

    Thanks guys. As for a pdf version of Destroyer, it’s a frequent question. I’m not against the idea at all, but it’s not anything that will happen anytime soon.

  6. Rimmer says:

    Destroyer is a work of art. The glossy magazine is its medium. A PDF of Destroyer would be like a photograph of a sculpture: just not the same thing at all. Get the magazine…

  7. Jerry Morgan says:

    I’m looking forward to get it!

  8. Sbastien says:

    I like this mag!! congratulations!!!

  9. Sidney says:

    I add my congrats to the “Destroyer” team! Your publication is very needed. I wish your ‘zine, and this new blog every success!


  10. Sidney says:

    Karl on another point. Putting that password business on “Inkplum” has made me profoundly sad, and weary. I’m deciding if I still want to do it. Leaving it off would expose my friends to hostile laws. Putting it on destroys the whole point of the page.

    This is a nightmare.

    This btw is why your ‘zine is so important. You may soon be all we have left.

  11. cyril says:

    Thank you so much for this magazine 😀

  12. BR♂TH♀R_S♥RR♥W says:

    I am in love with Marc André and I am grateful to him for being so open and giving and for showing himself as a beautiful, optimistic, generous, and kind man. He inspires in me to have the best behavior towards people as I can make happen. Just because of the slice of happiness he expresssed I made a friend today. I am aware that he said that he is not interested in men sexually and I wish him many children. He made this “adult child” happy and inspired this him toward kindness. I am grateful to Destroyer for giving us his showing of his wonderful self. I am grateful to Destroyer for being at all as it has given me a few leads to growing older better. Whether Marc André or you are intending any such results, they are there anyway. I LOVE & THANK YOU BOTH ! ! ! I am a better person because of each of you.

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