Destroyer map in progress

In Destroyer 05 I urged readers to send me photos of beautiful boy statues from around the world. I’ve received a lot of wonderful pictures – thank you! The Destroyer map is developing.

Someone did more than just send me a few photos though. On his imgsrc profile Destroyermap, he has collected photos of 177 (!) beautiful statues and sculptures from around the world! Have a peak for yourself – you’ll be impressed! And don’t forget to document whatever bronze beauties you have where you live and send the photos to me.

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6 Responses

  1. Will says:

    Before he died Andy Warhol was in the process of commissioning a sculptor to do a statue of the boy he loved. When asked why he answered, “Statues do not run away.”

    Best to all,

  2. erik says:

    there is this statue on the lijnbaan shopping centre in rotterdam 😉

    btw, I did a post on my blog using images of the bleisch movie orpheus.

  3. gandalfthepuce says:

    If anyone’s in Cincinnati, Ohio, get sme shots of the boys on the Tyler-Davidson Fountain. When I was a kid I loved looking at them even if I didn’t know why.

  4. Ivan says:

    At the Nelson-Atkins Gallery In Kansas City, Missouri is a flawless Roman 14 yr old nude cast in stone. Quite risque for mid-America.

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