Destroyer map in progress

In Destroyer 05 I urged readers to send me photos of beautiful boy statues from around the world. I’ve received a lot of wonderful pictures – thank you! The Destroyer map is developing.

Someone did more than just send me a few photos though. On his imgsrc profile Destroyermap, he has collected photos of 177 (!) beautiful statues and sculptures from around the world! Have a peak for yourself – you’ll be impressed! And don’t forget to document whatever bronze beauties you have where you live and send the photos to me.

6 thoughts on “Destroyer map in progress

  1. Before he died Andy Warhol was in the process of commissioning a sculptor to do a statue of the boy he loved. When asked why he answered, “Statues do not run away.”

    Best to all,

  2. there is this statue on the lijnbaan shopping centre in rotterdam 😉

    btw, I did a post on my blog using images of the bleisch movie orpheus.

  3. If anyone’s in Cincinnati, Ohio, get sme shots of the boys on the Tyler-Davidson Fountain. When I was a kid I loved looking at them even if I didn’t know why.

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  5. At the Nelson-Atkins Gallery In Kansas City, Missouri is a flawless Roman 14 yr old nude cast in stone. Quite risque for mid-America.

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