Cop vs 14-yearold skater kid

This video is hilarious. Like everyone else, I laughed at the stupid officer at first. After a while though, I realized that, hey, he’s got style! He knows how to – excel! Yeah! The show must go on! Love it. The kids are gonna learn the same I suppose. After all, don’t we expect more from 14-yearolds than that they’re gonna call their mum?

12 thoughts on “Cop vs 14-yearold skater kid

  1. Huh, can the pig do that without getting fired, or even prosecuted (for assault)? Aren’t there rules for policemen, in the United States of America?

  2. This officer is bloody stupid, maybe with a lot of inferiority complex. He is requesting for respect without showing that he has a bit of respect to the person he is talking to. If I watch something like this, I hope that it is happening if I am close to them…
    I would wish that those kids would have the audacity to try a confrontation…not even a police-officer is allowed to beat a kid…

  3. If it was a city ordinance that the boys could not skate where they were skating the proper thing for the officer to have done is say, “Boys I know you are having fun. Skating here is not allowed here by city ordinance. I am so sorry but I have to write you tickets. If you go on now I won’t follow you.”

    And, they skate off.

    This is how officers back in the 1950’s America when I grew up conducted themselves. Scared the hell out of us. No lasting damage. No humiliation.
    “Gee Officer Krupke” from West Side Story. These boys had talent. One of my boys now 32 loves this little tune. It tickles him even as he sets in prison, victim of The Drug Wars:

  4. Adults who treat children in a violent and aggressive manner are the child abusers among us, as we see hear. This cop is a bully, plane and simple.

  5. Comment on YouTube:

    The obvious thing we can’t tell from the video is that there are 16 more fat cops in the cute little clown car. They are stuck.

    He really got pissed when he went to put the skateboard in the trunk and then realized, the clown car trunk is too small…

  6. I think we just witnessed a meter maid going postal 😛
    I mean geez, wth was that cops problem ! He must have
    just got downsized from a real police car to the barbie mobile
    and felt like taking out on someone….. one word…LAME

  7. The cop was not wrong. He had a good speech. He had a reasonable demand to be “respected”. BUT!: why was he there, at them, in the first place? Why as he afraid of the video? UH-Oh! Now he was not right. Further: I got the sense he was out for easy blood. As seems usual, the police have nothing better to do than harrass minorities and the defenseless. I wonder if he saw the video and searched out these kids for real blood.

  8. Somehow I think there are 2 14 yr olds who are going to grow up with no respect for policemen whatsoever. And I can’t blame them. A friend of mine was shouted at and bullied like this for walking in Los Angeles . . .What amazes me is that nobody stopped and told him to cool it, he was bullying kids!

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