Destroyer soundtrack

Music is a crucial component both of my life and of Destroyer, and especially so when I’m about to send a new issue to the printers. These days I’m building the last pages of Destroyer 06, and so my neighbours are probably mad at me for playing Technotronic too loud and too often. But who cares. I happen to have neighbours who are as passionate about their own shitty music taste.

Anyway, to all of you who are waiting for Destroyer 06: You won’t have to wait long! In fact, you can already order it here! And know what – you’ll get a soundtrack to each and every page!

3 thoughts on “Destroyer soundtrack

  1. Actually I’m just packing my stuff and will be out tomorrow morning. But – thank goddess – I’ll be online there too… addiction anyone? The “excuse me, I’m not here” post at milkboys was just a precautionary alibi for the boring posts I’ve prepared for the next days since I really don’t have time this week to write all the stuff I want to write about Summerhill, Whole new Thing, de Sades Boys etc… my boyfriend would kill me. Or worse.

    Feel hugged! ;o)

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