Advent Calendar 22 December 2014: Du & Ich 10-11-12, 1979 – zum Schluss

kalendersiffran22Oops, it’s already the 22nd of December! Well then, here are the last three Du & Ich covers of 1979 – you may guess which one we’ll look into on the 24th …

Du & Ich 10, 1979

Du & Ich 11, 1979

Du & Ich 12, 1979

1979 was Alexander Ziegler’s last year as editor of Du & Ich. In the last issue, Du & Ich 12, 1979, he took farewell with these words:

Du & Ich 12, 1979 - Alexander Ziegler

It feels somewhat symbolical that the last photo of the 1970s Du & Ich is that of the cute boy in the corner, “Zum Schluß”. The boys in the gay magazines would grow scarce over the next decade, even though the 1980s too was pretty okay compared to the 1990s. But still, the 1970s was the post-Stonewall decade where boys and men were mixed in gay magazines in a way that would soon become taboo, not to say illegal.

Advent Calendar 21 December 2014: Du & Ich 9, 1979 – rent boy special

Du & Ich 9, 1979

kalendersiffran21Rent boys were a natural part of gay life in the 1970s, and so, the gay press reported on rent boy related issues. As in this article in Du & Ich 9, 1979: “Rent boys ever younger”. Nowadays, even 10-year-old boys are selling sex to get some extra pocket money, the text says. The article ends with a parentheses where the author expresses his view:

“Well, the onset of puberty has also sunk, from 13 to 11/12 years, in some cases even 10.”

In the same issue, a rent boy writes to Dr Michael that “sometimes I start to really hate the gays”:

Du & Ich 9, 1979

An excerpt:

“For many gays I’m already too old, they only get turned on by boy* cocks, that’s disgusting. You won’t image all the things I have to listen to: Self-pity, cants about loneliness and unfulfilled love and such shit. And then when we’re at it and you have blown them, they immediately get uptight and wanna get rid of you as soon as possible. Sometimes I start to really hate the gays: They only have demands on us boys* but they don’t wanna give anything themselves. Can’t you give me a tip about how a person who is as good-looking as I can earn a lot of money?”

* Both “Knabe” and “Junge” mean boy, but “Knabe” is a younger boy (in Swedish a bit like “gosse”). That’s why he first uses “Knabe” for other boys who are younger than him, and then “Junge” about himself.

Advent Calendar 20 December 2014: Du & Ich 9, 1979 – paragraph 175

Du & Ich 9, 1979

kalendersiffran20Du & Ich issue 9, 1979, was a theme issue about the 10th anniversary of the abolition of paragraph 175, the Nazi law that forbid homosexual relations. The magazine published a spread with reactions from the public, as reflected in reader letters to mainstream media in 1969 (click to enlarge):

Du & Ich 9, 1979

Roswitha R. in Kaiserslautern writes:

“For me as a mother, these people are criminals – no matter how moral or respectable they are. I demand for the protection of my son: Quickly do away with (lit. ‘make the process short with’) these misfits of the human society!!!”

I think the gays who do everything to fit in and who think that not as “moral” or “respectable” gays destroy for ALL OF US should do a close reading of Mrs Roswitha R’s letter, since it is evident that they will be hated by Roswitha and her likes no matter how hard they try.

In general, the fear that homosexuals threaten to seduce society’s offspring seems to be very common. Today, you can’t utter such an accusation against homosexuals without being accused of being a homophobe. That’s why we invented the so called “pedophiles”, (by which we today mean a male person attracted to another male person under the age of 27), where straight and gays alike can compete in fearing the most.

タツ, 25


タツ is a Japanese AV idol. I accidentally saw him in some movies and tried to find more with him, but since he was always uncredited (like all the men), it wasn’t until recently that I found out his name.


It seems I wasn’t alone in wondering. In an interview with a girls’ magazine (the only interview he’s made, it seems), the interviewer says that the agency told her that many women had contacted them to ask who “that actor” was, and so he became more famous and they decided to put him in more movies.


タツ has also done a cute solo movie (well, the cameraman interacts a bit) for Hunk Channel (because this is what Japanese hunks look like), shot at his home.

Snapped Up #1


Salvation Army bans teen boys from shelters

Why? Because among women they are counted as men, thus potential perpetrators, and among men they are counted as children, thus potential victims.

It’s fascinating how society nowadays has a hard time dealing with that confusing state in between, which used to be referred to as boy.

(We reported about age limits for boys at women’s shelters in Sweden in Destroyer 08, February 2009. Also relevant, the editorial “The Boy is Dead” in Destroyer 09.)

Cartoons illegal in the UK

“A 39-year-old UK man has been convicted of possessing illegal cartoon drawings of young girls exposing themselves in school uniforms and engaging in sex acts. The case is believed to be the UK’s first prosecution of illegal manga and anime images.”

The judge called the cartoons “repulsive” and sentenced the man to 9 months in prison, suspended as long as he doesn’t commit any new crimes.

Also read Lenore Skenazy in Reason.

Snapped Up?

Sometimes weeks pass with the same tabs open in your browser with interesting articles that I plan writing about but never do. “Snapped up” will be a place to collect these snippets and links – the title is of course a homage to the Du & Ich spread “Aufgeschnappt” – without the ambition to comment or analyze at length.