And we’re gone … sort of

FYI, this just published on the I Love Mags blog:

As of today, 19th July 2014, it is not possible to pay with credit card anymore. The reason is that our acquiring bank cancelled our contract “for ethical reasons”. They wouldn’t go into details, but it’s not hard to guess that Swedbank is simply anti-gay and anti-art, like so many companies in history.

Our publishing house’s name Entartetes Leben is an over-explicit allusion to Entartete Kunst, the “degenerate art” that the Nazis censored in the 1930s. We chose that name to reflect the fact that there are still artistic expressions that are considered “degenerate” and which are denounced in similar ways. It’s art vs the censorship of art. It’s quite clear on which side Swedbank, Visa and Mastercard are, and where they would be if in 1930s Germany.

Anyway, this means the shop is shutting down. It will still be here and I will for some time accept bank transfers. But this is an option mainly for people in the EU, it’s more complicated for people in the USA, Australia and the rest of the world.

During these six years since 2008, I’ve run the shop as my main business. I’ve replied to support emails very fast (usually within the hour) and shipped items every day. This will change, since I must push this business into the hobby area of my life, while I focus on other things that will provide me with an income. This is hard for me, I must force myself to be less attentive and schedule a weekly slot for I Love Mags order handling and email replying.

So, bottom line: Credit card payments are gone, shop stays as a small hobby business with bank transfer payment and cramped support.

The Boys of Brazil

Cute Brasil boy in football shirt

Imagine the hope he had. And how he looked up to the players and wanted to become one himself. Imagine the pride he felt for his country and his team.

Then imagine him sitting outside a café with a TV in a little favela full of happy people who are going to watch the game together. Imagine his excitement.

It took 11 minutes to kill it.

You can deal with defeat. You have to. But to get crushed 7-1 on your own turf is not defeat. It’s tragedy.

Imagine the disappointment in that little favela – and inside that boy. Imagine how it gives way to desperation, panic, then tears.

These football players were his male role models. When his absent father or drug dealing brother messed up, the players were there for him as ideals. And now he was let down by them.

The stars fell down and they fell hard. The boy was deprived of the beautiful ideal world that he believed in. In those 90 minutes – 90 long, tormenting minutes – he learned that there are no stars and there are no reasons to believe.

A generation of boys have been scarred for life. It’s so sad.