Topboys 02 out now!

Topboys 02

Peak into the lives of real boys around the globe – Topboys 02 is out now, with a full 500 images of fresh faces.

  • Topboys is only images (no text, no magazine).
  • Topboys consists of publicly available Facebook pictures.
  • Topboys is download only (zip file).

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!!

Topboys 02 preview image

Topboys 02 preview image

Topboys 02 preview image

Topboys 02 preview image

Topboys 02 preview image

Order Topboys 02 here!

PS: If you bought Topboys 01, Topboys 02 is free for you! Log in to you account here and check your Topboys 01 order – you will find your free Topboys 02 download there!


Call for reader letters!

The Lover 02

Dear reader,

the next issue of The Lover is under way. The reader letters are an important part of it; they show that we are a community, spread across the globe, with similar interests and living conditions.

I especially appreciate comments on the articles in The Lover, but you are welcome to write about anything, preferably short.

  • Send your reader letter to
  • Start your letter “Dear editor” or just “Sir!”
  • End your letter with your name (or pseudonym) as you want it to appear in the magazine, and your country

The Lover 01 and 02 are available as downloads in the shop (just scroll down to The Lover).

Enjoy the weekend!


Smile, TOPBOYS is here!

Topboys 01

TOPBOYS is a simple but fun release. It contains 200 public images from social media, carefully collected and curated by the editor.

TOPBOYS is download only and consists of a zip file of 15.1 MB with the images.

All images are safe and innocent; shirtless or clothed boys, silly collages. You could easily collect the images yourself. Or you can buy Topboys for 9.90 (4.95 for Friend Plus members) to get the right mix. Because you see:

TOPBOYS only contains TOPBOYS!


Yo, imma be TOPBOYS baby!

PS: This is not a joke.


Contribute to the Destroyer Calendar!

For a while now, I’ve been working on a Destroyer Calendar. No, not the old Advent Calendar I used to run in December, but an annual calendar with annual dates of importance to the Destroyer reader. Such as:

  • Birth and death dates of famous or relevant authors (Thomas Mann, Michael Davidson, and many more)
  • The founding dates of clubs and organisations (Wandervogel, etc)
  • The publishing dates of important books and magazines
  • Proposal, voting and implementation of relevant laws
  • Other relevant historical events (the destruction of Hirschfeld’s Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, IBLD, etc)

Each entry will come with a short text describing this historical event. The result will be a little book or booklet where there will be something to remember every single day of the year.

This is an attempt to build a culture. By possessing the Destroyer Calendar, you will share the remembrance of these events with other readers around the world!

For example, when you wake up on the 11th of October, you will be able to read about the German youth movement’s first big meeting at the Hoher Meißner on that very date in 1913 – and its relevance to our own movement.

The Destroyer Calendar will be available in print, as a download, and as a Google calendar which you can easily subscribe to.

Feel free to suggest dates to the Destroyer Calendar. Send an email to editor at with the subject “Calendar”. Avoid the obvious dates; all birth and death dates of authors are already covered. Otherwise, the scope can be pretty wide and pretty detailed (no event too small to not have a date!) – I look forward to your suggestions!

Where’s your tama-boy-chi?

BBN Tamagotchi

Breaking Boy News proudly presents the Tama-boy-chi.

Tama-boy-chi is your very own pocket-sized digital boy!

Your task is to give the boy everything he needs to grow up healthy: Food, play, exercise and more. If you don’t take care of your boy the right way, he will protest – and ultimately leave you! Are you up for the challenge?

Breaking Boy News has developed the Tama-boy-chi together with Japanese designers Akihiro Yokoi and Aki Maita, who created the original Tamagotchi, first released by Bandai in 1996. In that game, the user had to keep a pet alive.

“A boy can be much more demanding than a pet”, says Yuuki Watanabe, editor at Breaking Boy News.

“I’m sure the Tama-boy-chi will get a devoted following around the world”, he adds.

There are only 100 Tama-boy-chi – order yours here before they sell out.


This was a repost from the discontinued BBN blog, 1 april 2014.

And while we’re at it

Just one more shopping tip (not by me):

Young boys masturbation stopping device


Bonnier Tidskrifter buys Destroyer

Bonnier, Destroyer

I’m very happy to reveal that I have signed a deal with Bonnier Tidskrifter, Sweden’s largest magazine publisher. In short, Bonnier Tidskrifter has bought the rights to all my publishing, including the full back catalogue of Destroyer, Breaking Boy News, and other magazines.

“We have followed Karl’s esoteric publishing for a while now. He operates in a niche which we currently lack in our product catalogue”, CEO L.D. Ahmén commented to Swedish media.

For me, this is a way to go back to my roots in the heart of Swedish magazine making. L.D. used to be my boss already when I worked at IDG more than ten years ago.

So what does this mean for my publishing? Well, a couple of new titles are planned, which will have nationwide distribution thanks to Bonnier’s monopoly position in the Swedish magazine distribution system Tidsam. The first title is 100% TOP!, a cute boy magazine directed towards the younger generation:

100 % TOP!

Second, Bonnier Tidskrifter wants me to tweak BBN to adapt more to their core market of older women. Breaking Lady News will premiere later this year as a permanent supplement to women’s magazine Amelia.

“Karl has inspired us to test the limits of what our readers, mostly retired women, can take. We have had BLN in the planning for some time, but it was not possible for us to pull it off without Karl’s competence in creating a unique tabloid experience”, editor in chief Amelia Adamo commented.

Another area that will benefit from this deal is the lingering comics department of Bonnier Tidskrifter. The company discontinued their comic imprint Semic in the 1980s after a boy sex scandal in the story line of Mystiska 2:an. You can read the full story of this in Destroyer 10:


Now, Bonnier Tidskrifter wants to rectify this unfortunate decision, which they acknowledge was based on homophobia. Concretely, they want me to scour doujinshi events in Japan in the search for underground shotacon titles suitable for mainstream distribution.

“Let’s give Sweden boy sex!” a spokesman exclaimed at the press conference in Stockholm this morning, to the joy of the journalists.

On a personal level, this deal means I’m moving back to Stockholm. An apartment in Vasastan has been prepared for me, and Bonnier Tidskrifter will also pay for a membership at the gym chain Sats. I can’t wait.


The Lover 02 available as a download

The Lover 02

The Lover 02 is now available as a PDF download!

52 pages, 9.90 euro (~11 USD) – half price for Friend Plus members!

Just choose print or download on the product page:

The Lover 02

Yes, there are still some print copies left, 28 of them as I’m writing this. A print copy is more expensive (25 euro) than the download. So you can choose what suits you best!



Josh of Milkboys

Milkboys Patreon

You are probably most familiar with Milkboys, a blog and community run by Josh. It used to feature on Destroyer’s blog roll at the time I still had one. As our projects have developed over the years, I’ve noticed that we differ pretty much, both in ways of taste and politics. You could probably describe Milkboys as leftist, whereas my own projects are leaning more towards the conservative, strange as it may sound. And yet I appreciate the way Josh has maintained his blog over the years. Just like myself, he is passionate and serious about what he does. Which explains why we’re still here, I guess, while so many others have thrown in the towel. I interviewed Josh in Destroyer 07 in 2008 (man, that’s long ago!).

Lately, the Milkboys blog has been struggling with server costs and goes down occasionally. You can help Josh keeping Milkboys up by supporting his Patreon campaign.

Note: Even when the Milkboys blog is down, you can still access the milkboard.