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Comments on the latest issue of The Lover are very welcome: What did you like and why?


Boys' Puberty

Boys’ Puberty for everyone!

Boys’ Puberty presents the results of an online poll for teenage boys about their physical development during puberty. The leaflet contains photos, graphs and short informational texts.

The graphs show when boys grow their first pubic hair, armpit hair, when they get their first ejaculation, when they start shaving, how often they masturbate, in what direction their boner points, etc.

Boys' Puberty, free preview image

The slim (16 pages) leaflet measures 105 x 148 mm (“half Destroyer”) and was initially only offered to members. It was printed in 100 numbered copies in December 2015.

Since the membership club has been discontinued, I have now made Boys’ Puberty available for everyone!

You can buy it in print for 10 euro (~10.90 USD) or as a PDF download for 4.95 euro (~5.39 USD, also “half Destroyer”). There are currently 42 print copies available.

Buy or preview Boys’ Puberty here!


Destroyer logotype website masthead

The logo is back!

Did you notice that the Destroyer logotype disappeared from the masthead of this website in the last few days?

I hadn’t done any updates, so I was perplexed as to how this had happened.

Today I looked into it, and it turned out that the logo was still hosted on a sandbox website where I had played around with the theme, but which I deleted last week. And with that, the linked logotype naturally disappeared.

I hope you enjoy seeing it again!

The Lover 03 cover art

Peek into The Lover 03

The Lover 03 has been out for a month now, and several longtime readers have given me very positive feedback – thank you!

One reader wrote:

The Lover issue 03. Best magazine yet. I have not read all of it yet but getting close. I hope this magazine will last for at least as long as Destroyer, if not longer. … Thanks again for The Lover 03. Fantastic.

A gay couple wrote (translated by me from German):

The Lover issue 3 reached us the day before yesterday – again, a huge success! Many thanks. Your work is unfathomably important, and your energy and your courage is enviable.

Another loyal reader:

I have receive the 03 … Amazing. Simply – amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lover 03 Free Preview Images

The Lover 03 has a historical focus. Here are the content highlights:

  • Old Man and the Boys. In a previously unpublished manuscript, the character called “Old Man” lays out the words about man/boy life in postwar Stockholm. His stories will make you gasp! The reportage is aptly illustrated by amateur photographers.
  • Why Did the West Change? In connection to Old Man’s stories, we try to find out why the West changed so radically in the last half century.
  • Sweden’s First Gay Scandal. Meet Theodor and his boys.
  • Twinks Can Get You Trouble. This issue’s case study details how a UK jury decided that confirmed 18+ adult actors were underage.
  • Raster detective. Our series on vintage magazines continues with Superboy from 1980.
  • Culture articles on manga, anime and radio drama.
  • Plus reader letters, news stories, book reviews and more!

The Lover 03 Free Preview Images

The Lover does not contain any frontal nudity. The articles are aptly illustrated with beautiful and/or relevant images. All issues of The Lover are available at the German National Library. The magazine has also been included in the archive of Schwules Museum in Berlin.

The Lover 03 Free Preview Images

Order The Lover 03 here!


I am a material girl

It was time to change the plumage of this website a bit. The new style is lighter and inspired by so called material design.

I’ve also consolidated all my projects to converge at this classic website, the original from 2006, instead of registering new domains for each and every project of mine. So you might find something you didn’t know about in the navigation bar (which will probably be restructured as I add more items).

There will be other news soon.

PS: Did you know that Kagee, the payment provider that ousted Destroyer for moral reasons back in 2007 or so, filed for bankruptcy last month? Oops.

No more downloads in the EU

Update September 2016: Downloads are now open for all customers again!

New rules for digital goods at Cmykrush, because it’s not worth it to pay VAT in each and every EU country:

Considering the type of business we run, with many products being downloads that cost under 10 euro, and with quite few orders at that, we decided to stop selling downloads to EU customers altogether.

Summary: You will not be able to check out with an EU address if you’re buying downloads. People with non-EU addresses are not affected (there is no VAT outside the EU).

Friend discontinued

Just a short notice to let you know that I’ve discontinued the monthly membership called Friend. It just didn’t work:

  • Too little interest
  • Too many refunds
  • Too many cancellations right after signing up and using the 50 % discount

This is all ok, and all was partly expected. But it’s not worth it for me to continue tweaking the Friend subscription to make it work better.

If you are a Friend – thanks for signing up! Your membership will continue running until the end of the period you paid for. (Log in to see your details.) Then it will be cancelled and your card will not be charged again.