Boy Card 02

Boy Card 02

Added to the shop today: Card 02

Nicola shot this photo in Italy in 1977.

40 years later, the boy is given the recognition he demanded and deserved at the moment of the shoot. His picture is printed on a sturdy card, UV varnished and ready to light up the day of many more people.

On that subject:

According to the classical Greeks, the Boy’s beauty consists of, as Michel Foucault puts it in volume two of The History of Sexuality, “the signs and guarantees of a developing virility. Strength, endurance, and spirit also formed part of this beauty; hence it was good in fact if exercises, competitions, and hunting expeditions reinforced these qualities.”

The Boy was thus a kind of valuable raw material, and it was society’s duty to gently shape it in the right way, taking care of the boy’s nascent power which would not reach its peak until years later. This is how Pseudo-Demosthenes puts it in Eroticos, his tribute to the boy Epicrates. Foucault notes that “as if it were a matter of a work of art to be finished, he urges all who know Epicrates to give this future figure ‘the greatest possible brilliance’.”

Mankind is beautiful, and Destroyer was a declaration of love for mankind – an attempt to give it “the greatest possible brilliance”.

(Excerpt from Gay Man’s Worst Friend – the Story of Destroyer Magazine, available here.)


Boy photo card by Nicola

Boy Card 01

Last Christmas I printed this photo, taken by Nicola in Syracuse, Italy, in 1978.

As of today, it is available in the shop.

But don’t order it separately, as it wouldn’t make sense shippingwise. Only add it if you place a bigger order. Or write “free card” in the comment field when checking out, and I’ll include it for free throughout the holidays with your order of other stuff (as I’ve done sometimes before – maybe you already have the card?).

I plan to print more photo cards. Requests for motives are welcome, but may not be granted!

With that, I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas!

Mowgli trade card

Everyday happiness

Monday morning, the last week before Christmas. You can barely get out of bed. You’re two days away from the winter solstice; it’s the third darkest day of the year and the sun rises only at 8.14 am and sets at 3.53 pm. You struggle in the morning traffic with the other poor souls of your city, your sleepy gaze lingering on the wet sidewalk. And there he is: Mowgli.

Topboys 03

Topboys 03 is here!

Peek into the lives of hundreds of real boys on social media! Topboys is a collection of publicly available Facebook images.

The images are a mix of shirtless, clothed and collages. All images are perfectly safe; you can access them yourself on Facebook and we don’t claim ownership to them. What Topboys offers is a personally curated collection.

Topboys 03 free preview image gallery

Check out Topboys 03 here!

Did you miss Topboys 01 and 02?

Check out ALL issues of Topboys here!

Topboys is freshware – available for a short time only. Grab them while you can!

Enjoy! 🙂

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Boys' Puberty

Boys’ Puberty for everyone!

Boys’ Puberty presents the results of an online poll for teenage boys about their physical development during puberty. The leaflet contains photos, graphs and short informational texts.

The graphs show when boys grow their first pubic hair, armpit hair, when they get their first ejaculation, when they start shaving, how often they masturbate, in what direction their boner points, etc.

Boys' Puberty, free preview image

The slim (16 pages) leaflet measures 105 x 148 mm (“half Destroyer”) and was initially only offered to members. It was printed in 100 numbered copies in December 2015.

Since the membership club has been discontinued, I have now made Boys’ Puberty available for everyone!

You can buy it in print for 10 euro (~10.90 USD) or as a PDF download for 4.95 euro (~5.39 USD, also “half Destroyer”). There are currently 42 print copies available.

Buy or preview Boys’ Puberty here!


Destroyer logotype website masthead

The logo is back!

Did you notice that the Destroyer logotype disappeared from the masthead of this website in the last few days?

I hadn’t done any updates, so I was perplexed as to how this had happened.

Today I looked into it, and it turned out that the logo was still hosted on a sandbox website where I had played around with the theme, but which I deleted last week. And with that, the linked logotype naturally disappeared.

I hope you enjoy seeing it again!