How old is this boy? #1

Live shota boy

Update 8 February 2016: The poll is now closed, and here are the results:

Age poll #1 results

Wang Junkai was born in September 1999 and was 16 years old when this photo was taken. Only 11 percent of you guessed he was 16 or older. Most of you thought he was 12, and sure, there is a distinct aura of a 12 year old in the picture, but a well trained eye sees that this is deliberately so; Wang Junkai knows how to play with his viewers, but that awareness is in itself a sign of maturity – the 16 year old knows how to pose. Add Photoshop smoothing and maybe even real make up and the illusion is complete.

Update 2: No, no, no, no! No Photoshop, no make up! As a reader points out in the comments, this is not Wang Junkai. After doing additional research, I’m now pretty sure the boy is 丁程鑫, who was only 13 years old at the time the photo first surfaced in autumn last year. Thirteen. Thirteen. Thirrrrr-teeeeen.


Ask The Lover!

As you have gathered, I’m busy putting the second issue of The Lover together. And I love it! So therefore I ask of you:

Do you have something on your mind? Do you need some advice? And do you want to share those advice with your fellow The Lover readers? If so:

Send an email to with your question, and it might get published in the next issue of The Lover.

Discretion guaranteed!

For your inspiration, here is what “Ask The Lover” looked like in the first issue:

Ask The Lover


The Lover at the German National Library

Since The Lover is published in Germany, the magazine is registered in the German ISSN register and available at Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library).

After receiving the first issue of The Lover, DNB categorized it as “social sciences”, “sociology” and “anthropology”.

It’s a pretty apt categorization, I think.


Link to The Lover’s page at DNB.


Call for reader letters!

The Lover Magazine

I’m well into creating the second issue of The Lover, scheduled for April 2016.

Welcome to write a letter to the editor!

I would especially appreciate comments on the articles in the first issue of The Lover, but all kinds of letters are welcome.

  • Write to
  • Start your letter “Dear Editor”, or just “Sir”.
  • End your letter with your name as you want it to be published in the magazine (pseudonyms are ok), and your country.

Haven’t read The Lover yet? Buy it here!


Hello Friend!

It’s been a long time – I hope your holidays were good! Personally I’m happy they’re over. Finally we’re back to a normal Monday in January – mmm, I like it! And I’ve got a very good start with creating the next issue of The Lover. I’m writing articles that you will love, and layouting them well into the night.

Next in line is the photo book Prague, now scheduled for release in March. But until then, enjoy this little gem:

Boys’ Puberty

Boys' Puberty

Boys’ Puberty is a small informational leaflet about, you guessed it, boys’ puberty. The folder is the result of how 258 boys aged 11 to 19 answered a survey about their physical development in puberty.

The publication was the Christmas gift for members of Der Kreis (please let me know if you’re a member and still haven’t got it!), along with some smaller things.

Boys’ Puberty is available here! (But you need to continue reading if you want it.)

Speaking of Der Kreis. The membership club. It is no more – I have disbandled it! I realized 100 euro was a bit steep, even though some of you made good use of your 50 percent discount, so I hope you found it a good deal on top of supporting my publishing.

Be my Friend!

So say goodbye to Der Kreis (who could pronounce it properly anyway!) and say hello to, or rather, become my Friend!

Friend is a subscription membership that starts at only 2.99 euro (3.24 USD) monthly. If you sign up for the Plus version for 7.99 euro (8.65 USD) monthly you get the same 50 percent discount that members of Der Kreis was offered, and you get it immediately despite there is no minimum subscription length!

So what’s the purpose with becoming a “basic” kind of Friend for 2.99? Well, you support my publishing, and you will get access to products that are not available to the general public. Like Boys’ Puberty for example. If you want it, in print or as a download, sign up for a 2.99 per month basic Friend membership first. If you want it for half the price, sign up for the Plus version.

Just looking at those logotypes – spanning almost ten years now! – gives me a rush of happiness. You might notice a new one too. Stay tuned for that one.

I’ll try to summarize the main aspects of the two subscriptions:

  • Friend (basic) costs 2.99 per month. Main purpose should be to support my publishing. Bonus: Access to products such as Boys’ Puberty that can’t be bought without being a Friend.
  • Friend (plus) costs 7.99 per month. Main purpose may vary: Either to support me with a substantial sum monthly, or to enjoy the 50 percent discount on the full Enta Leben catalogue (including Boys’ Puberty) – or both!

You can stop subscribing at any time and start again at any time. My hope is of course that you will find the monthly payment agreeable enough to become steady supporters (and I will work hard to keep you happy!), but it’s totally okay to only subscribe for a short time, even only one month – although if you use the discount I hope you will stick with me a little longer!

Kreis members will be transferred to Friend Plus free of charge in the next few days.

This is fun, enjoy this new, exciting endeavor! And early adopters as you are, be ready for some beta bumps. Oh, and these subscriptions only work with credit card payment. Ok, enjoy!



No advent calendar this year

Dear readers,

Destroyer’s popular (?) advent calendar takes a break this year (2015) again.

I always look forward to focusing on one single theme during the 24 days of advent in December, and I’ve had plenty of ideas for the calendar in 2015. However, I’ve decided to devote my energy and time to other Destroyer-related projects instead.

In fact, two of them are being printed right now – it’s the Christmas present for members of Der Kreis! Also, I’m about to implement a subscription based membership option, where you can pay a small amount each month and still enjoy the benefits of Der Kreis. News about that will follow.

And there are many other projects on their way too! I’m so excited.

So enjoy the month of December and talk to you soon!


Made in the USA, issue 1

Made in the USA

Thanks to a dear friend and colleague, I have managed to obtain a very limited set of copies of the photo magazine Made in the USA.

The first issue was released in summer/fall 1994 and contains 48 pages of black and white photography on glossy paper.

Made in the USA was published by Renato Corazza. You will recognize plenty of the photos from the early web and from other photo books, since Corazza’s technique was to put together collages from other artists’ works. I spotted both Will McBride and Cosidetto in the first issue.









This is the premier issue of a rare publication with very limited availability. Suitable for collectors. Not available as a download.

To the product page


The Lover – preview gallery

Enjoy these photos of the first issue of The Lover. The magazine is printed in 500 copies, the first 200 of which are signed and numbered.

The Lover is a brand new magazine on sexual politics, from the publisher of Destroyer (2006-2010) and Breaking Boy News (2011-2014).

The first issue of The Lover was released in October 2015. The second issue is scheduled for spring 2016.

Are you a lover? Then The Lover will be highly relevant for you – it’s your magazine.

The Lover is available here. (It is so far only available in print, not as a download.)