Made in the USA, issue 1

Made in the USA

Thanks to a dear friend and colleague, I have managed to obtain a very limited set of copies of the photo magazine Made in the USA.

The first issue was released in summer/fall 1994 and contains 48 pages of black and white photography on glossy paper.

Made in the USA was published by Renato Corazza. You will recognize plenty of the photos from the early web and from other photo books, since Corazza’s technique was to put together collages from other artists’ works. I spotted both Will McBride and Cosidetto in the first issue.









This is the premier issue of a rare publication with very limited availability. Suitable for collectors. Not available as a download.

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The Lover – preview gallery

Enjoy these photos of the first issue of The Lover. The magazine is printed in 500 copies, the first 200 of which are signed and numbered.

The Lover is a brand new magazine on sexual politics, from the publisher of Destroyer (2006-2010) and Breaking Boy News (2011-2014).

The first issue of The Lover was released in October 2015. The second issue is scheduled for spring 2016.

Are you a lover? Then The Lover will be highly relevant for you – it’s your magazine.

The Lover is available here. (It is so far only available in print, not as a download.)













Breaking Boy News features in art show

This image is not photoshopped.

This image is not photoshopped.

I’m happy to reveal that Breaking Boy News is on display in the new show at Eden Eden until January 2016. It’s not just any gallery – Complex gave it place 74 in its listing of the world’s 100 best art galleries. And the curator was one of four nominees for the Turner prize last year. I guess that’s what it takes to display my publications, which, as you might know, has been discussed before, but always with the organizers bailing out in the end.

Breaking Boy News on display in an art gallery

The exhibition opened yesterday and Breaking Boy News was at the center of it – displayed in a neat vitrine as you can see on the pictures, attracting lots of interest from the visitors.

Breaking Boy News on display in an art gallery

Breaking Boy News on display

Breaking Boy News on display

Found on Instagram:

Breaking Boy News on Instagram

I’m very happy that Breaking Boy News, of all my publications, has entered the world of high art, since I always thought that it belonged there. BBN is extremely conceptual and follows a strict set of rules, as explained in the book about the project. The fact that it gained a huge following of teenage boys (the website had 650,000 views per months shortly before I discontinued the project) was a fun side effect.

Exhibition credits and info

Buy the Breaking Boy News bundle for 25 euro (~28.40 USD) here – it contains all three items in the vitrine. And they might just have become much more valuable!


Alexander, 23

Mother Swedish, father Japanese, son Greek – as in Greek god.

The diving part begins at 7:07 (time links didn’t work in WP embeds last time I checked).


Two more shota comics

The latest two Best Life Shota releases by Tsukumo Gou are out now, raw and uncensored as always, for direct download:

Best Life Shota 1.09

Best Life Shota 1.09

  • 50 pages
  • 25.6 MB PDF file
  • Raw (in Japanese)
  • Uncensored
  • Price: 9.90 € (~11 USD)

Order BLS 1.09 here!

Best Life Shota 1.10

Best Life Shota 1.10

  • 19 pages
  • 9.8 MB PDF file
  • Raw (in Japanese)
  • Uncensored
  • Price: 4.90 € (~5.50 USD)

Order BLS 1.10 here!

The covers don’t really reveal what’s inside, so be sure to check the previews on the product pages for an idea of what you will get.



The Lover is shipping!

And so the first copies of The Lover have left the offices of Entartetes Leben – they are for members of Der Kreis.

It’s the first signed and numbered copies that have shipped, and man, I’ve spent another full day making 80 of those. It takes time, but the result is really beautiful.

The Lover magazine

The Lover magazine

The magazines are not only numbered and signed on the flap, but also have a stamp on the first page inside:

The Lover magazine

It’s nine in the evening now and I will go home, taking with me the first batch of envelopes, which I will post at the post office tomorrow morning. It’s been a pure pleasure packaging them, and seeing all the names that I recognize from over the years. One of you are even the one who bought the very first copy of Destroyer back in 2006!

Enjoy your evening. I will. Probably with microwave pizza and a Swedish game show on tv. :)

Here are those first 80 numbered copies (of 200 numbered copies in total):

The Lover magazine

Buy The Lover here!


The Lover is about to ship!

The Lover magazine

It’s an amazing feeling, to release a magazine again, almost ten years after my first venture with Destroyer.

I’m spending this Sunday numbering the cover flaps with a neon stamp. I take utmost care to give each copy a perfect stamp, so it takes a long time but brings me the utmost pleasure!

Numbering The Lover magazine

Numbering The Lover magazine

The Lover magazine

Breakeven is getting closer, which will secure a second issue already early next year. Thanks to everyone who ordered already – your copies will ship soon! If you haven’t ordered yet, you can do so at The Lover’s product page.



Major release – The Lover is here!

The Lover - journal of sexual politics, issue 01

Dear patient readers,

it’s finally time for the release of my new magazine on sexual politics. It’s called The Lover and will come out twice yearly.

What is The Lover? It’s a journal of sexual politics, laid out in the same tasty style as Destroyer. The Lover features the articles that you won’t find elsewhere: Community news, relevant case studies, exciting features and important essays. The Lover takes sexual politics seriously!

The premiere issue is focused on the kind of “mini-societies” that boys and men have created together, historically and recently.

The cover story is a 12-page feature on legendary German filmmaker Sebastian Bleisch:

The Lover 01: The Story of Sebastian Bleisch

The first issue also contains features on The Boy Scouts of America …

The Lover 01: The Boy Scouts

… and the Hitler Jugend:

The Lover 01: Hitler Jugend

And then there are news, book tips, essays, and The Lover’s very own advice column!

The first issue is 64 pages thick and printed in 500 copies. The first 200 copies are signed and numbered.

Regular price is 15 euro (17 USD), the price for the signed and numbered copies is 20 euro (22.50 USD), with the really low numbers (1-20) having a higher price – choose a version on the product page to see price and availability! (Half price for members.)


Purchase The Lover now!

The Lover will ship in two to three weeks if you purchase it now!

I want to give a special thank you to members of Der Kreis. It’s because of your support that I am able to publish The Lover already now, instead of early 2016 as planned.

I published Destroyer in 10 issues between 2006 and 2010. With the release of The Lover, almost ten years after the birth of Destroyer, a new publishing adventure begins. I hope you’re as excited about this as I am, and that you will be with me from the start!